Blood Suckers

As is the case with any of the online casino operators in New Zealand, they each provide a wide range of casino games from which players may choose from. Therefore whether these are virtual table games or live card games, it is by far the pokies which attract the most attention. These games online casino New Zealand has to offer, provide players with some of the most interesting and rewarding features and themes to be presented in the online gaming industry. So much so that online casinos such as the 888, Party and Spin Palace casino offer hundreds of games to choose. But let this not be a traumatic experience as players are now able to make their selection based on some of the following examples of some of the best video slots created by Netent.

Play Blood Suckers Now for Free

Blood Suckers is one such online casino game which has by far exceeded players’ expectations in providing an entertainment base with amazing bonuses. However before going into further details regarding the method in which it is played and the features available, one must understand the theme on which Blood Suckers is based. The theme of each individual pokie is what makes the initial decision making that much easier. A player need simple select the video slot which attracts them the most regards to the theme and the rest will fall into place. In the case of Blood Suckers, as the name suggests, is based on a story line of vampires which have escaped their coffins and have begun feeding on defenceless damsels. Therefore it is the objective of the online player playing Ghost Pirates to defeat these vampires by spinning the reels and destroying them. Among the special characters and symbols one can find within the Blood Suckers reels include different vampire characters, vampire brides, wooden bloody stakes, garlic, the bible and anything that can defend the player from the vampires. Among the various winning combinations within Blood Suckers it is by far the vampire characters which produce the highest payouts. But for further reference on the pay table, players may refer to it during the Blood Suckers game at any time they desire. So much so, that the rules and method of play of Blood Suckers is also listed here. Therefore in order to provide an easier description of Blood Suckers, this informative website has included a series of the main rules and features to be found within Blood Suckers.

The pokie Blood Suckers is a video slot comprised of five reels and three rows allowing for players to select from the various bet lines and bet levels the bets that suit them the most. However it is suggested that in order to achieve the highest possible winnings, that the highest bets must be made. But if a play is not willing to place such bets immediately in the real play of Blood Suckers, they may opt to do so instead in the free practice play of Blood Suckers being offered by various online casinos. In this manner, the player may utilise the max bet option whereby this pokie will automatically take into consideration the maximum bet lines and bet level possible in order to achieve higher winnings. However there are far more ways a player may receive rewarding amounts in Blood Suckers and that is through the play and use of the special features. These include wild substitutions, scatter wins, free spins and a unique vampire mini off the reel bonus game available only to Blood Suckers. For starters the Blood Suckers’ wild symbols which are in the form of Dracula will substitute all other symbols to be found among its reels except for the scatters. The scatter symbols on the other hand, will produce a different kind of win in Blood Suckers. Whenever three or more Scatter symbols appear in the main game of blood suckers, players will free spins. With every three symbols ten free spins will be awarded while any additional scatter symbols after that will add a further ten free spins. Although the number of free spins is vital, one must note that they are each played at the same bet level and bet lines as the Blood Suckers; spin which activated them in the first place. Therefore, once again it is suggested that high bets will produce the highest rewards. But the most rewarding play would have to be the Blood Suckers’ mini off the reel bonus game. In order to enter and play this game, players would need to achieve three or more bonus symbols in successions on an active bet line. These in turn would need to appear from the left to the right reels. Once this occurs, Blood Suckers players will be diverted to a separate screen where they will be able to view a burial chamber. Within this chamber, players will see a series of coffins. The objective of the player within this Blood Suckers game is for them to select one coffin at a time in the hopes of being able to slay the vampire within. With each successful selection, the vampire will automatically be killed and a bonus amount will be awarded instantly. But one must be made aware that not all coffins contain vampires. There are some of the Blood Suckers coffins which are empty. In this case, players will be made aware of this when bets fly out of the empty coffin and the Blood Suckers mini game will automatically end. Any winnings obtained from this game will be in direct proportion to the bet level and lines used when the mini game was activated. All winnings are then totalled and added to players’ balances before they are diverted back to the main game.

Although this pokie as well as many others such as Robin Hood and Starburst and offered in both real and free mode, players may rest assured that they are being offered in a safe and honest environment. This means that through the use of a random number generator, all results are selected randomly and no manipulation can take place by any parties.