Ghost Pirates

New Zealand is steadily growing as one of the participants in the online gaming industry. Players from New Zealand are now able to access a large array of online casino games thanks to the selection of one of the below mentioned online casino New Zealand has to offer. Such casinos include the Spin Palace, Party and 888 online casino. However although the list of game choices may seem overwhelming to some new potential players, in this section of this informative website, information shall be provided on some of the most popular games online casino New Zealand has to offer.

Play Ghost Pirates Now for Free

For starters, there are a few pointers which would need to be taken into consideration when selecting an online casino game. The most popular played games online are those of the pokies. Pokies – which are sometimes referred to also as either video slots or slots – are by far the most animated and entertaining virtual game in the market. It is for this reason that players from all over the world including New Zealand opt for these user friendly and rewarding games. One example of such a pokie if Ghost Pirates. Having been created by one of the leading online gaming software companies in the industry Netent, Ghost Pirates guarantees players a fun filled environment with features which will allow for players to come out as big winners. If this description of Ghost Pirates does not seem convincing enough, online casino players now have the opportunity of trying out the game for themselves through the use of free play. This means that no matter the computer used or where the computer is located, players can simply locate the Ghost Pirates pokie and with a swift click of their mouse they are able to play with a substantial amount of free credit. This credit will allow players to try out and practice for fun the various features available in this Netent pokie as well as better acquaint themselves in the method in which Ghost Pirates is played. More often than not, players who select this video slot will base their choice on the interesting theme it entails. As is the case with all Netent video slots (such as Robin Hood and Blood Suckers), they are each based on a unique theme which cannot be found in any other game. In the case of Ghost Pirates, as the name suggests, this pokie is based on a story line of an ghost ship whose ghost pirates will do all they can to protect their treasures. With each encounter the online casino has with any one of the characters within Ghost Pirates, they are set to win a series of coins and bonus amounts. Among these of the above mentioned characters within the Ghost Pirates reels, players will find Peggy Rotten, one-eyed Bill, Mad Monkey, Polly the parrot and various other symbols which one can relate to ghost pirates (anchors, treasure maps, muskets, treasure and many more). All details regarding the method in which Ghost Pirates is played as well as the pay table may be found within the game itself therefore allowing for easy access while playing.

Ghost Pirates, as mentioned earlier, is a video slot comprised of reels offering players the chance to select a series of a maximum of two hundred and forty three ways of winning. This means that before initiating the reel play of Ghost Pirates, players would need to select the bet level they prefer from one to five and the bet ways ranging between 3, 9, 27, 81 or 243. The coin value on the other hand will also determine the amount of winnings and players are given the choice of values based on their desires. One thing remains certain and that is in order to win large, players may opt to risk playing large. In order to make this possible in a much easier way, Netent has included the max bet option within Ghost Pirates. This means that instead of clicking on the spin button after each round, players can select the max bet button which will automatically take into consideration the maximum bet ways and bet level in Ghost Pirates (the coin value will need to be manually selected). As far as the spinning is also concerned, Ghost Pirates offers yet another option whereby the reels will spin automatically a selected number of times. By selecting this players will enable an automated play while they sit back and enjoy all Ghost Pirates has to offer. Apart from the winning combination of bet lines, online casino players are also able to takes advantage of the series of features available in Ghost Pirates. These include wild substitutions and free spins which can take place at any given time. The Ghost Pirates’ wild symbols can appear at any time and will substitute any other of the reels’ symbols while producing higher multipliers in the process. On the other hand, the Ghost Pirates’ free spins would need to be activated with a series of scatter symbol combinations. With three or more scatter symbols, the player will be awarded with a number of Ghost Pirates’ free spins which will be determined depending on the number of bet ways played. As per the Ghost Pirates pay table, when a player plays with 3, 9, 27 or 81 bet ways: three scatter symbols will award ten Ghost Pirates free spins; with four scatter symbols, fifteen Ghost Pirates free spins will be activated and with five scatter symbols the maximum of twenty Ghost Pirates free spins will be awarded.

But should a player play the maximum of 243 bet ways, the player can receive more free spins: with three scatter symbols, the player will be awarded with fifteen free spins, with four scatter symbols twenty free spins and with five scatter symbols twenty five free spins. But no matter the total number of free spins being played, these are played at the same bet level as the spin which activated them in the first place.