When one thinks of the most famous classic movie of all time, this is definitely among the top three. Therefore in order to offer adults a unique way of enjoying this motion picture further, one leading online casino operators in New Zealand have collaborated with Netent so as to provide players the movie’s pokie. So is the case that this pokie not only represents all the main scenes from the film, but it also provides players with the unique chance of playing Tony Montana and winning very high winnings.

Play Scarface Now for Free

Online casino New Zealand, is giving all players from New Zealand to experience Scarface in a whole new light. Therefore based on the most popular scenes that brought us the infamous words ‘say hello to my little friend’, Scarface tells the story of Tony Montana whose main objective in life after leaving Cuba was to make the world his. Therefore through Tony’s triumphs, online casino players spin the Scarface reels in order to get their own share. Among the various characters and symbols which may be found within the Scarface reels include Tony Montana himself, his wife Elvira Hancock, Manny Ribera, Frank Lopez, Alejandro Sosa and the traditional slot machines letters and numbers. But in order to make the highest possible paying combinations, players would need to spin a minimum of three of the Scarface characters. In fact, for further reference on how to play Scarface as well as the payout amounts, players may refer to the pay table available within the game. Although this may provide detailed instructions, in order for players to have a hands on feel of Scarface without having to commit to real play immediately, it is suggested they make use of the free online casino New Zealand. Through these sites players are able to try out and play around with the various features of Scarface with a substantial amount of free credit provided by Netent and the online casino. This is the same option provided to dozens of other Netent games such as Starburst and Robin Hood. Each and every single one does not only supply players with the standard features of free spins, wild substitutions and scatter wins, but they also each have unique features which are exclusive to the individual pokie. In the case of Scarface these are referred to as the stacked wilds and Scarface wild, nudge spins and off the reel mini Scarface game.

The Scarface stacked wilds come in three forms and three symbols. These may only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 where each one of them represents a separate and different feature. As they appear, these symbols will in turn substitute all other symbols located on the rest of the reels in order to enable players from winning large sums. As the Scarface stacked wild can be as large as the reels themselves, if only a part of the symbol appears this will automatically transform into a standard wild symbol. But should all of the symbols appear then the additional Scarface features will be enabled. When a stacked wild appears in reel 2 in the form of the Manny Ribera character, this will automatically activate the nudge spins. The symbols will automatically turn into a nudge wild and the rest of the reels will begin to re-spin. As this happens, the Scarface nudge wild will nudge one space down. As is the case with the Scarface free spins, these are played at the same bet level and bet lines as the spin which activated them. But there is also a chance for online casino players to activate both the free spins and the bonus game during the Scarface nudge spins. The Scarface free spins will be activated when a completed stacked wild appears on reel 4. This will award the player with fifteen free spins while still giving him the possibility of winning additional fifteen free spins in the process. All winnings from the free spins are tripled in value and awarded to the player at the end of the feature once they have been totalled. In the case that there are also Nudge spins, these will simply be added to the already existing Scarface free spins. The Scarface bonus game on the other hand is one to look out for when playing this infamous movie pokie. In order to activate it (which could take place also during the nudge and free spins), a whole stacked wild symbol in the form of the Tony Montana character must appear on reel 3. When this happens, players are automatically diverted to a separate screen whereby they will be taken to the very last scene of the movie where Tony tries to fight off the assassins who are after him. In this playful game, players represent Tony and the main objective is to shoot down the killers before they reach him. In each round, players will be handed either a grenade or bullets to kill with. With bullets players may only select one killer at a time while grenades can kill up to four. However the best part of the bonus game is the fact that with each successful kill, the player is rewarded with bonus amounts. If the killers manage to reach Tony before he kills them, then the bonus game is over and players re diverted back to the main game together with all their bonus winnings.

As one can see, through the use of games online casino New Zealand, players have the chance of playing for as long as they desire with the hopes of achieving great wins and playing some remarkable feature games. So much so that through the use of state of the art graphics and animation, players can also interact with the characters within the pokies as well as experience the animated special effects they produce. No other casino venue is able to provide such unique pokies seeing as they have been purposely designed for online play alone. This is the reason why most players prefer to sit within the comforts of their own homes and experience fun entertaining atmospheres through a direct internet connection.