Among the most popular online casino games which can be found within an online casino New Zealand would have to be the pokies. Having been introduced as a means to produce a large number of possible wins within a small amount of time, games online casino New Zealand such as these of the pokies have been purposely adapted for the sole use of online play. In fact, all online casino operators in New Zealand have collaborated with a series of online software providers who have created and developed these pokies with online casino players in mind. One such provider is the leading Netent – Net Entertainment – company whose sole objective is to create and develop pokies which are both entertaining and rewarding.

Play Starburst Now for Free

Starburst is one such game. But before being able to describe the special features and method of play of Starburst, one must understand the category of pokies under which Starburst falls under. There are two main categories of pokies; video slots and slots. Starburst is considered a video slot due to the fact that it engages the average five reels which video slots are usually comprised of allowing for players to pick and choose the bet lines and bet level which suits them the most. Through the use of state of the art graphics, animation and sound effects, Starburst ensures that all game play is crisp and clear for the benefit of all online casino players. On the other hand, the slots are based on classic fruit machines and comprise of an average of three reels and include symbols such as various fruit, liberty bells and BAR symbols. Although Starburst is not considered to be such a classic slot machine, its method of play is actually simple and fast allowing for players to perform a high paced form of game play. As mentioned earlier, the Starburst betting methods can be selected through the deciding factor of the number of lines and the level on which the players wish to bet one. There is a maximum of ten bet lines and a bet level of five to choose from at a pre-determined coin value. But one must note that in order to win the best possible amounts within Starburst, players must be prepared to play the maximum possible bets. In order to help players achieve this with one click of a button, Starburst offers them the chance to click on the max bet option provided at the bottom of the screen of the Starburst pokie. By doing so, instead of clicking on the ‘spin’ button, players will automatically enable the maximum possible bet level and lines available within Starburst. In fact, if the players themselves do not wish to be constantly clicking on the max bet button after each round, they may also opt to utilise the auto play option within Starburst. This is located on the far left hand side of the Starburst game and by selecting a number of pre-determined spins, the reels will continue to spin for the amount of times chosen. As the reels of the Starburst pokie begin to spin, the main objective remains that players will need to achieve a series of winning bet lines to win the large bonus amounts. As is the case with any Netent pokie, each one of them revolves around a particular theme which is both unique and exclusive. In the case of Starburst, the theme of this pokie revolves around a series of star gems which filling the galaxy with both colours and rewards. Among the symbols which one can find within the Starburst pokie include their own unique symbols as well as a series of symbols which are classic to any standard slot machine like Starburst. These include colourful gems ranging from yellow, green, orange, blue and purple, the BAR symbols and the 7 symbols. The largest possible winning combination within Starburst is that of the BAR symbols while the lowest is that of the purple gems. However players will be able to refer to further information regarding how to play the Starburst pokie and the winning combination amounts when they click on the paytable available within the Starburst game itself. But this is not all that the Starburst pokie has to offer in terms of winning combinations.

Starburst includes a series of additional features which are both unique and standard to the Netent pokies. These include the wild substitutions, scatter wins and the unique Starburst wilds with re-spins. The Starburst wild symbols come in the form of a colourful star which can appear anywhere on reels 2, 3 and 4. Therefore in order to activate the special Starburst wilds feature, this symbols must appear on the reels. When this occurs and one or more of the wilds appear, the symbols will expand to cover the entire reel on which is was made present. This will in turn remain in place while the rest of the reels continue to re-spin in the hopes of additional bonus wins. The re-spins may continue for as long as a maximum of two additional wild symbols re-appear on the spins which will be automatically spinning. A maximum therefore of three Starburst re-spins may take place. One must note however that no matter the total number of re-spins, these are played at the same bet as the round which activated them in the first place. Therefore it is once again suggested that players make use of the max bet option provided in order to win the highest possible wins.

If the above information may seem overwhelming at first, players may rest assured that Netent and the online casino operators in New Zealand which have collaborated with this provider, offer their players the exclusive opportunity of being able to play this pokie (as well as many others) in free mode. This means that players of any level will be able to practice and try out their unique features with a specially designated amount of free credit. Therefore by simply clicking on the pokie, the player will get to experience all it has to offer before playing in real mode.